Scientific Name: Metopium brownei
Location: Dominion Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Northern Guatemala, Belize, and southeastern Mexico
Dried Weight: 62lbs/ft3
Janka Hardness: 2,200lbf
Crushing Strength: not available

Chechen’s heartwood has a color that is highly variable, with red, orange, and brown contrasted with darker stripes of blackish brown. The color tends to shift to a darker reddish brown with age. The sapwood is a pale yellow color. The grain is straight and it has a uniform medium to fine texture. The wood gives off a good natural lustre. The end grain is diffuse-porous. Chechen is rated as very durable when it comes to decay. It is fairly easy to work with and glues, and finishes well. Nails and screws should be pre-bored in the wood.