Scientific Name: Spirostachys africana
Location: Southern Africa
Dried Weight: 60lbs/ft3
Janka Hardness: 2,480lbf
Crushing Strength: 8,900lbf /in2


Tambootie ranges in color from a golden brown to a darker reddish brown and often has black streaks throughout. The sapwood is a pale yellow color. The grain is straight and it has a fine even texture. The natural oils present in the wood help give it a high natural lustre. The end grain is diffuse-porous. Tambootie is rated as a very durable wood in regards to decay. It is a good wood to work with but does have a medium to severe blunting effect on cutters. Sanding can be troublesome since its high natural oil content can interfere. The wood glues, turns, polishes, and finishes well.