When it comes to the completion of a project you now are faced with the choice on how to finish your project. We can break up our decision into three categories:




This is a good option when less desirable wood is used or if a wood grain is not desired. This is also a great option for refinishing furniture that is already stained. It come down to what exactly you are painting and whether you want to use oil or water based paints.





When a wood grain is desired but the color of the wood is not what you were looking for this will be the best option for you. Choosing the right stain and applying it properly can really make your project pop. Stains have advanced today and even provide protection against general use and water built in to them.




Clear coats

When the wood grain and color are desired but you want protection from use and water, then clear coats are your choice. Clear coats can be used with either of the two options, providing extra protection against use. This is one area where you most know exactly what you want out of your clear coat. As choosing one option you will have to trade off for another’s benefits.


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