Wood Joints

Every woodworker must know a form of wood joinery. If we didn’t have the ability to join two pieces of wood, all our pieces would be sculptures or carvings made from a single piece of wood. But we are in luck, there are many varied types of wood joinery a woodworker has at his disposal. It is also very important to master some if not all of the concepts to become a very accomplished woodworker.


1.Square Butt Joint

This joint is easy for most woodworkers. It joins two pieces of wood by merely butting them together. It may be the easiest but it also is one of the weakest joints, depending on the type of reinforcement used. 



2. Mitered Butt Joint

This joint is almost as easy as the square butt joint, but required a little more technical skill when cutting the miters. This joint has the same principles of the square butt joint and is just as weak, depending on the reinforcement used. The advantage to this joint is having no end grain showing. Instead you get a consistent grain across the joints.

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