Wood gluesWhen it comes down to all woodworking projects, there is one key ingredient, glue. Proper wood glue will give you lasting joints that are stronger than the wood itself. But one glue will not suit every project, you must consider all variables when choosing your glue. You must also consider your time restraint for your project as a glues dry time varies between each type.

Your choice of wood glue will be influenced by three things, time constraints, type of joints being performed, and the quality of joints you want. Another thing to consider is if you want your glue to be non-water resistant, water resistant, or water proof. Non-water proof glues will not stand up to water Tite bond gluespenetrating the wood joints. Water resistant glue will resist the penetration of water for a period of time. And water proof glue is exactly as stated, water proof.

The last thing to consider is temperature. Some glues are designed to withstand high heat, while there are others that fall apart at the site of heat.


There are eight different types of glues:

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