Plastic Resin Glue

Plastic Resin Glue is also known as Urea Resin Glue. It is available in liquid or powder form. The liquid form comes with a powdered catalyst, while the powdered form is usually pre-catalyzed and pre-formulated for ease of use.

Plastic resin glueThe ideal amount of water that should be used for mixing the powdered mix should be approximately 60 to 65% of the weight of powder. The powder should be slowly added to the water and mixed gently until it reaches a heavy cream-like consistency. The powder that settles on the sides of the container should be scrape into the mixture until the final result is a smooth and lump free mixture.

Powdered plastic resin glue has a shelf life of approximately 1 year, but that shelf life can decrease by 1/2 if it is store in high temperatures and humidity. One way to determine if the powder has expired is to mix with water as usual. If it has a grainy consistency, then the glue has expired.

The cure time of plastic resin glue is 8 to 10 hours, which always for easy slow going assembly. The cure time will speed up in higher temperatures.

Plastic resin glue can be hot or cold pressed. It can also be radio frequency-cured. One of the glues main advantages is that it has a longer “open time”, which allows you to get all your materials together before entering the press. The open time is 1/2 hour.

The “pot life”, or time that the glue lasts well mixed, is 4 to 5 Plastic resin gluehours if at normal room temperature. Refrigerating the glue can extend its pot life as long as it does not fall below 13 degrees Celsius.

Plastic Resin Glue is best suited for lamination and veneer in applications. It can be spread thin which works well for veneers. As well it has a very good heat resistance.