Polyvinyl Resin Glue

Craft wood gluePolyvinyl Resin Glue or call it by its common name white glue. It is a glue that sets fairly quickly and hardens from the moisture evaporating from it. It starts off white but will dry transparent within a few hours. The glue is best used at room temperature.

When purchasing white glue, make sure to purchase full strength glue as the children’s variety has been watered down. This glue is not waterproof what so ever. Do not use on projects that will get damp or any projects for the exterior. White glue also does not have the greatest heat resistance, so do not use it for projects White gluewhere heat may be applied to it.

The upside to polyvinyl resin glue is that it has a long shelf life. Also that it won’t stain tools or your work piece (although metals and oaks are the exception).