Coalescing finishes

Water based polyurethanes

Water based polyurethaneWater based polyurethanes are a much healthier product to use over their oil based counterparts. They appear milky in the can but go on clear and remain that way when dry. It will only slightly accent the color of the wood since they do not absorb into the wood surface the same as oil based products. Another advantage to water based polyurethanes is that they dry rather quickly, about two hours, and up to four coats could be applied easily in a day. Whereas oil based polyurethane takes up to 24 hours between coats.

But for the low odour and quick drying time, there are some Polyacrylictrade-offs. Water based poly’s don’t give the same rich glow oil based poly’s do. Also they almost cost twice as much. Because water based poly’s contain 30 to 35 percent solids, compared to 45 to 50 percent solids in oil based, they require four coats to the traditional two coats. All in all water based polyurethanes are not recommended for high traffic areas, such as floors or bar tops. But are quite suitable for all other applications.

Water based polyurethanes are applied in the same way that oil based polyurethanes are. The only difference is in the drying time and you use a synthetic brush instead of natural brush. Click here to see how to apply oil based polyurethanes.


Wood turners finish

Wood turners finish is a water based wood finish used mostly on small projects and lathed pieces. This product can be sprayed or wiped on and provide a warm oil like tone. Numerous coats of this product can be applied within a hour. The dry time is from 2 to 5 minutes. Because of its quick dry time the coats go on thin, so it is recommended to apply at least six coats. As a bonus this product claims to be food safe.