Applying Wax

Before you apply wax you must make sure the surface is free from dust and debris. As this can interfere with how the finish cures.

Wax-Furniture-Step-4Apply some wax to a clean microfibre cloth and rub it into the wood using a smooth circular motion. You must make sure you don’t make too thick of a layer or it will dry blotchy and create a hazy appearance. One way to control the amount of wax is to place a small amount in a cheesecloth and form it into a ball. As the wax slowly seeps through the cheesecloth it applies an even coating of wax.

Allow wax to dry, can be between 20mins to 24hrs. Consult the manufacturers directions for the type of product you are using. You will know its dry when the wax does not have a tacky feeling.

Buff the waxed furniture with a clean cloth. Rub it in a gentle circular motion. The softer the cloth the more luster that can be achieved.

How to apply wax to wood