Scientific Name: Terminalia superba
Location: Tropical western Africa
Dried Weight: 35lbs/ft3
Janka Hardness: 670lbf
Crushing Strength: 6,580lbf /in2


Limb a has a heartwood that has a light yellowish to golden brown color and a sapwood with a pale greyish to yellowish brown color. The colors tend to darken with age. Wood that has dark figuring in it is referred to as Black Limba, while plain unfigured wood is called white Limba. The grain is straight to slightly interlocked and it has a uniform coarse texture. The wood gives off a moderate natural lustre. The end grain is diffuse-porous. Limba is rated as non-durable in regards to decay. It is easy to work with and only has a small blunting effect on cutters. The wood glues and finishes well.