Bathtub Caddy


  • 2 Untreated Dog Eared Cedar Fence Pickets 5 1/2″ x 5′
  • 2 Cedar Lattice strips 1 1/2″ x 4′
  • Waterproof Wood Glue
  • Galvanized staples

Step 1:

It is easier to do the major sanding before cutting this lumber. Start with a very rough grit, 36 or 50,  to take off the scurf marks and really rough stuff. Then graduate up through the grits until they are nice and smooth. Cut all sides of the wood to give yourself clean edges and remove any loose knots or damaged wood.

Step 2: Make Cuts

Rip two strips of the pickets 4” wide, then chop them to your desired length. Make a 4 inch by 3 1/2 inch cut out at each end of both pickets. These will form the arms and box for the caddy. Next cut 7″ slats from the lattice, you will need 14 for plan dimensions, but adjust per your specs.

Step 3: Assembly

Attach the lattice slats with wood glue and staples. Start by attaching the 2 slats at each end and getting the caddy square.  Then space the rest along the bottom 1/2” apart (or adjust to your measurements)

Step 4:

Once the caddy is dry, do a final sanding just to round off the edges of the slats and clean up any glue or clamp marks. You know, just make sure that it is nice and smooth everywhere because of that whole NO SLIVERS IN THE BATHTUB rule.

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